ThinkPad T43のHDDをSSDに換装する

ここのところ、ThinkPad T43のハードディスクをSSDに換装しようとがんばっているのですが、なかなかうまく行きません。しかし、うまく行ったという報告が複数あるので、これはどうしたことでしょうか?

私のThinkPad T43では、mSATAをIDEに変換するアダプターを使って換装を試みているのですが、全然うまくいきません。うまく行った人は何か特別のことをやったのだろうかと思っていたのですが、ThinkPad関係のリソースを調べていて、そういうわけでもないことがわかりましたので、書き留めておくことにしました。


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Re: New SSD opt. for T4x : mSATA-to-IDE adapter ST663FD9 *PICS*

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I like to report to you folks some disappointing news.

The following specific ThinkPads do NOT work with SSD in the main HDD bay of these laptops. ie: Replacing original HDD with SSD technology.

This is the Intel graphics version.
=> T43 (Models: 1871, 1872, 1873, 1874, 1875, 1876)

Since certain R52 models use the same motherboard/systemboard…
=> R52 (Models: 1858, 1859, 1860, 1861, 1862, 1863, 1958)

I tested a batch of these (surplus ex-company hardware) with the following SSD based solutions:
=> KingSpec 128GB 44-pin IDE (Model: KSD-PA25.6-128MS)
=> Plextor M5M 128GB mSATA (Model: PX-128M5M) with Addonics ADMS25IDE mSATA-to-IDE adapter
=> Plextor M6M 128GB mSATA (Model: PX-128M6M) with Addonics ADMS25IDE mSATA-to-IDE adapter
=> Samsung 850 EVO 128GB mSATA (Model: MZ-M5E120) with Addonics ADMS25IDE mSATA-to-IDE adapter

The BIOS will detect these SSDs fine (using the last official update OR modified one to not include the “Error 2010″ message AND latest Embedded Controller firmware version). So you won’t have a problem seeing these SSDs listed in BIOS boot order.

BUT, you will have the following problems:

* System will boot up longer than normal.

* Windows 7 (or newer) install setup will take a really long time to start the setup process. And then it won’t be able to detect the SSD. When using diskpart, it’ll say: There are no fixed disks to show.

* Windows XP install setup will see the drive and even allow you to install. But upon first reboot, it’ll say: Operating System not found.

* Using Linux-based Parted Magic (from Ultimate Boot CD):
=> GSmartControl will accurately detect the presence of SSD; Model number, Serial number, firmware version, SSD capacity and sector size are detected…Even be able to read SMART functions. You can run a health check and all SSDs will have no issue.
=> Using GParted to partition/format the SSD will cause system to lock up.

To verify the above 3 mSATA solutions aren’t the problem, I installed them into a ThinkPad L520 (which has mSATA port) and verified their health via Samsung’s Magician software or Plextor’s Plextools under Windows 7.

I then checked and verified the Addonics ADMS25IDE mSATA-to-IDE adapter with Addonics 2.5″ to 3.5” IDE HDD Converter in an old desktop PC; to make sure the adapter wasn’t the problem.

So in conclusion…
If you have a ThinkPad T43 with Radeon graphics (Models: 26xx), it’ll work. (High probability of success with SSDs using Marvell-based controller).
If you have a ThinkPad T43 with Intel graphics (Models: 187x), it won’t work. You’ll have to use the optical drive bay (Ultrabay slim HDD adapter?)…Or just dump this ThinkPad model for another that is known to support SSDs out-of-the-box.

There’s also a 2nd reason to dump ThinkPad T43 with Intel graphics…Windows 10. There is no driver support for Intel graphics. You have to use the default Windows graphics driver. 😥

…As for these surplus ex-company ThinkPad hardware, going to slap Windows 7 on them and let disadvantaged kids have them; to learn coding? 🙂

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何の話かというと、ThinkPad T43のうちマシーンタイプが26xxのものはSDDに対応しているが、187xのものはSDDに対応していないということです。





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